starrzTake one good look at StarrZ and you’ll be intrigued by his young infectious personality, intriguing passion and career driven spirit. Press play on one of his records and you can’t help but love his brazen confidence, clever wordplay and gritty approach dubbed “the swag entendre.” His multi-faceted approach to his music has quickly made StarrZ an undeniable fresh face in the front lines of a new generation of Hip-Hop music leaders in his city.

Born and raised in East Baltimore, Colby Hall aka “StarrZ” was no stranger to the hard life while growing up on the streets of one of America’s most crime-ridden cities. As a youngster, the budding artist listened to music his mother played around the house – classic soul and R&B. But it was Lauryn Hill’s lyrical performance on the Fugees album “The Score,” that inspired him to start rapping. At age 16, he took his talents serious and connected with DJ Tigga and one of Baltimore’s most popular DJ’s, K-Swift, and began performing his raps over club music. A couple years later, he cultivated his sound and took a more serious approach in his lyrics, inspired by the likes of Jay Z, Eminem and Kanye West. He went on to drop two mixtapes in 2007 and 2009 titled “Real Rap I” and Real Rap II,” that showcased his talent but didn’t receive as much attention as he had hoped.

A year later, the 22-year-old revamped his style and changed his tone to a more flashy, commercial and fun vibe on the project “Flyy Times of Skyy Jones.” The switch-up proved to be a good look as his music generated a growing buzz in his hometown. He followed up with the hit mixtape “Skyy Jones 2” and watched his popularity continue to increase, fueled by his boyish-good looks and charming personality. In 2011, he received the “Best New Artist” award at the Baltimore Music Awards and became a household name in his beloved city.

StarrZ, with his skater-meets-hood style and “urban pop” sound, appealed to a vast audience, and his 2012 project bodly titled “Best Mixtape Ever,” proved he was a leader in the new school of rap artists bringing cool to Hip-Hop. With over 7,000 downloads and the hit singles “No Panties” featuring Money and “American Nighmare” featuring Paula Campbell and Paige, this was his most successful project by far. Now with a solid buzz and an increasing fan base, StarrZ’ talents attracted the attention of Kansas City Chiefs NFL player and music executive Tamba Hali. The CEO of Relumae Records met with the young artist and wasted no time in signing him in the summer of 2013.

Never one to leave his fans waiting for too long, StarrZ jumped back into the studio to work on his next mixtape “Live Forever, Die Dope,” slated to drop on Dec. 9th. The much-anticipated project meshes the Baltimore native’s catchy lyrics and gritty tone with fire beats produced by Streets Scott, Ghost, Jay Reddy, 4 Point 0, and Calvo Da Gr8. The conceptual project, lead by the gritty single “Dope Trilla” and party anthem “Dance All Night,” sonically tells his complicated story of growing up in Baltimore and becoming a music legend. “This mixtape is serious. It’s how I grew up. Yeah I was a pretty boy, but I had to handle my ground. It’s fun, gangsta and serious all at the same time,” explains StarrZ. The 25-year-old also unleashed his love and appreciation for art with a colorful painting as the mixtape cover. He recently joined the artistic club “ Art Cxlt” made up of genius photographers, painters, tattoo artists and videographers – all with a genuine passion for making beautiful art.

With talent beyond his years, a strong fan base that continues to grow every day, and his whole city behind him, StarrZ will undoubtedly take the nation by storm with his ingenious music. He effortlessly weaves his sound between Hip-Hop, rock, and pop – catering to music lovers across the globe. You’ve been introduced — now prepare to watch this young legend dominate the industry.

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